Curator’s Comment:

We are working in collaboration with “The Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum” to establish physical presence for our few artefacts.

Under the direction of Christine McGuire, the Museum’s Executive Director, two senior staff members, Courtney Gehling and Sean Campbell, are investigating a way to develop a virtual walk-through tour of one or more of the remaining DEWLine sites. This would entail getting permission to send a camera crew North for a detailed walk-through of the selected sites.

This is a costly venture and the Museum is seeking funding assistance. We are hopeful that we may also be able to find a government grant or corporate sponsorship to assist with this major project.

As the DEWLine dovetails well with the Museum’s Cold War mandate, finding a place within the Museum for an exhibit of what artefacts we do have is a priority.

In the meantime, our intrepid Artefact Scrounger, and Project Leader, Paul Casey, continues to retrieve “treasures” during his frequent trips North to the Line.

Almost all of the old DEWLine stations were destroyed during the massive clean-up and artefacts are hard to come by. While it is totally understandable, it is truly unfortunate that nobody or no organization thought to preserve anything from the DEWLine other than paper.

We would dearly like to find one of the radar consoles that served as the window to the Northern skies for all those years. Now that would make one heck of an exhibit!

Paul Kelley manning the console at FOX-Main in 1960.